Digital SawMill is a technology based company offering innovative solutions on performance, design, and sustainability within materials science and engineering (MSE) sector markets. The company's technical team possesses several years of solid sustainable experience in various disciplines, applications, technologies and responsibilities. 

Digital SawMill was established in 1995 as a full service web design and development studio that recognized opportunities and offered solutions for our clients, which consisted primarily of cutting edge aerospace, scientific, and sustainable nano-technology applications.  The business culture was entrepreneurialy driven, with c-suite access we were able to deliver interactive solutions for our clients to attain a competitive advantage by automating their business operations, supply channels, and customer base utilizing web-based aggregation technology.

Our role and business relationship changed significantly as owner/vendor of the proprietary aggregation technologies to stakeholder within client company's.  This vested alliance afforded an unrestricted level of strategic consultancy that uncovered new levels of efficiency, exploited verticle and lateral relationships, provided additional streams of income, and maximized our clients profits. 

  Fields of Sustainable Activity

Air Quality, Purification, Handling
Dust Control
Smart Coatings
Mobile Solar Generation
Self Cleaning Nano-Materials
Heavy Equipment Performance
Maintenance Facilities, Equipment, Machinery
Water Remediation
Human Capital | Retention
LEED Valuation
Material Recycling
Forest Management
Extractive Sector | Mining

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