Nanotechnology is poised to revolutionize the fields of materials science, physics, mechanical engineering, bioengineering, chemical engineering and most of the other fields in technology and sustainability. It is imperative that this remarkable technology have many potential applications in sectors globally.

The very fact that any outdoor operation is a self sustained entity in respect of all walks of life makes it prudent that no part of the site will be untouched by application of nanotechnology. Most of these applications are in the conception/infancy stage and therefore are referred to as potential applications.

The potential applications of nanotechnology in various aspects of Material Science and Engineering (MSE) sectors, their specific environments are discussed. The key guiding criterion analyzed for each broad area of application are:

  1. Does application of nanotechnology give distinct advantage over the existing technologies for the desired purpose?
  2. Is the application of nanotechnology feasible for the desired purpose or is it like a fictional concept?
  3. Is the application of nanotechnology for the desired purpose economically viable?
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